Why Chocolate Truffle Assortment Make the Perfect Gift?

French cuisine is the definition of a luxurious culinary experience. Chocolate happens to be the most prominent part of it. From chocolate éclairs to rich and creamy chocolate mousse, the French know how to make our taste buds dance with joy. Interestingly chocolate truffles come from the same tradition of culinary brilliance among the French patissiers. Today, you will see chocolate truffle assortment boxes everywhere, including gift shops, chocolatiers, and bakeries. However, most people don’t know chocolate truffles were invented. Their invention was a result of an error in the kitchen.

According to the historical account, coveted French culinary giant Auguste Escoffier’s apprentice was in the process of making pastry cream when he accidentally poured piping hot cream into the bowl of a chunk of chocolates instead of another bowl with egg and sugar. As the cream and chocolate mixture solidified, he worked the paste with his hands and formed a lopsided, bumpy ball. He then rolled the ball in cocoa powder. The chocolate ball reminded him of luxurious and gorgeous truffles from Italy’s Piedmont area and the French Perigord region. Some historians think it was invented in Switzerland while others say it was originated at Paris’ Patisserie Sarvadin. A real chocolate truffle must have ganache. Ganache is a concoction made with cream and chocolate. Bakers use ganache for frosting on the cake and other desserts. As time passed by, more and more bakers began experimenting with chocolate truffles adding different flavors to give them a distinct taste. For instance, peanut butter in ganache results in peanut butter and chocolate truffles. Some chefs also add cognac, champagne, or nuts.

Chocolate truffle assortment boxes have become the ultimate gift for many different occasions. They brighten up anyone’s day and taste delicious. The luxurious truffles are delectable that stand the test of time. For centuries they have been enjoyed by everyone. Chocolate truffle assortment boxes are wildly popular as Valentine’s Day gifts. They are a great way to express your feelings to your loved ones. You can also gift them to on mother’s or father’s day. The luscious chocolate truffles come in different flavors and are nestled in elegant boxes. You can pair them up with other gifts for a perfect gift package for your friends and family.