Do you know your Chocolates?

Let’s face it; chocolates are one of the best things to have happened to us. Deliciously crafted chocolate creations come in so many different forms. They can be in the form of edibles, or something you could just drink. From dark chocolate to milk chocolate to white chocolate, chocolate creations offer a little something to everyone, depending on how you like it. If white and milk chocolates are too sweet for you, have some dark chocolate. Feel like having some wine with your chocolate creation? That’s quite the combination! Sure, most of us love chocolates, but how much do we really know about them other than that they’re simply delicious? Let’s start with the fact that the whole world celebrates ‘Chocolate Day’ on July 7th, which is arguably when chocolate was first brought to Europe. Whether that is true or not may be debatable but what’s for sure is that chocolate was first brought to Europe sometime in the 16th Century. Do you know it is also argued that white chocolate isn’t actually chocolate?! Now wait a minute, this is only because white chocolate doesn’t contain cocoa solids or chocolate liquor, but it does contain cocoa butter which is part of the cocoa bean so…technically it still qualifies. You can’t convince us otherwise!

This one might come as a shock to most (maybe), but cocoa beans were considered so valuable by the Maya Civilization that they actually used chocolate as currency! Imagine that. Dating back to both Mexican and Aztec culture, the first chocolate creation known to humankind is hot chocolate. Though it was nothing like what we know as hot chocolate today, it was typically brewed for special occasions like weddings. The first ‘solid’ chocolate was invented much later, in 1847, by combining cocoa butter, chocolate liquor and sugar. Soon after, milk chocolate was created in 1875 by Daniel Peter who tried making his recipe work for 8 whole years before being able to finally create milk chocolate. The key ingredient in helping him succeed was condensed milk (yum!). Any guesses as to which company made the first chocolate bar ever? You might have gotten this one right – it was the Cadbury Company back in 1842.

Maybe you’ve wondered how chocolate melts so easily once it touches your tongue (making it even more delicious like that was possible. Another fact that sets chocolates apart from other edibles is that it is the only edible substance which melts just below human body temperature, at around 93° F. In case you were worried about your exercises and craved some chocolaty after your workouts, you’ll be relieved to know that chocolate milk is actually quite an effective post-workout recovery drink. However true that is, we know where we’re headed right after hitting our gym today!