Educate Yourself With Chocolate History Facts

It is safe to say that everyone loves chocolate. No matter what age, generation, religion, or background, chocolate remains one of the most popular candies and flavors across the globe. Chocolate can be purchased anywhere from your local gas station to gourmet luxurious chocolate shops. Chocolate is what you eat when you are feeling sad and need a pick-me-up, and it is what you eat when you are celebrating a special occasion. Chocolate has been the go-to item for many people for hundreds of years. But not many people know the origins of chocolate, how it’s made, and who it comes from. There is such a rich and intense history when it comes to Chocolate that many people should know. That is why checking out chocolate history facts will make any chocolate lover more of a fan, and any chocolate hater appreciate the much-sought after candy.

There is something called the “chocolate belt” that encircles the globe. It is the best temperature and climate to farm cocoa trees. Countries in Africa, South America, and South Asia are the prime locations for growing cocoa trees. Unlike some vegetation, cocoa trees cannot grow just anywhere, even if you try and force the right climate and heat in a greenhouse. The chocolate comes from the seeds of a cocoa pod. The pods are the size of footballs and the flesh is very comparable to a mango. A sweet and tangy taste is almost the opposite of what we know as chocolate. A lot of cocoa tree harmers and harvesters never even get to try a chocolate bar or a slice of chocolate cake, but they do know the cocoa pods. Explorers from Europe traveled to Mexico and South America and found advanced civilizations drinking cocoa for health reasons. After a very complicated and vicious history of colonization, the explorers brought chocolate to Europe where sugar and honey were added to make it less bitter and sweeter.

The more you learn about the foods and treats you consume, the more appreciation you have for them. Learning chocolate history facts will help you appreciate places that make and sell chocolate ethically, organically, and sustainably. The chocolate will even taste better!

Indulge Yourself with High Quality Luxury Chocolates

There are many ways to indulge yourself. You can get a two-hour full-body massage, order a big steak from a restaurant, or get a big fuzzy sweater to wrap yourself around in. Indulging yourself in the simple things in life can bring you great joy and comfort. You feel like your worries can just wither away. Everyone has their own kind of indulgence that specifically fits what they think of their own personal heaven, but almost everyone can agree that the most common indulgence is chocolate. Chocolate has been, and is, one of the biggest indulgences across all people. No matter who you are, most likely you can easily be tempted by a candy bar, a bon bon, or a slice of chocolate cake. It is the simplest way to get instant gratification. From a tiny piece to a entire tub of ice cream, chocolate maintains its popularity for years and year. It’s a craving that some people keep all their lives. It is extremely easy to get your hands on some chocolate – The gas station, a convenience store, a coffee shop, even a high-end department store. Although chocolate is delicious, not all candy bars are created equal – For one thing some candy bars don’t even have enough chocolate to still be called a chocolate bar. But the ones that do contain a good amount of cocoa are usually the ones that are the most delicious. This is why high quality luxury chocolates are worth spending that little bit of money for an instant vacation in your mouth.

There is a little bit more tender love and care that goes into making higher quality chocolate. For one thing, the cocoa beans are usually cultivated privately and the chocolatier has a close relationship to wherever they are being grown and harvested. Many chocolatiers these days are very involved with the farming of the cocoa beans. Not only does this make for a better bean, but also better treatment of the farm workers and harvesters. The people handling the cocoa beans eat the pulpy flesh of the cocoa fruit, but the beans are harvested, dried, and sent to a factory to be processed for chocolate. The process is much like coffee.

High quality luxury chocolates are those that are specially cared for, and they people handling them being taken care of as well. You can taste not just the delicious chocolate, but also the painstaking effort it took to make it taste that good.

Interesting Facts About Chocolate

Stress buster, aphrodisiac, or a relaxant – there are many qualities you can associate with everyone’s favorite snack – chocolate! For most of us, chocolates play an important part in our life. Since there are so many usage scenarios of chocolate, we’re somehow consuming it one way or the other. Whether it’s a cake, a milkshake, or even a plain chocolate bar – we somehow can’t seem to resist it. While we don’t really need more reasons to love chocolate, we’ve got some interesting facts about chocolate that will make you want to grab a chocolate bar right now. If not, you might learn something new about the world’s most beloved snack! One of the most interesting facts about chocolate is that you can partially consider it a vegetable. Chocolate comes from the cacao bean that is a pod-like fruit.

This fruit grows on trees, and it also belongs to the same family that gives us cotton. So, indirectly, chocolate is a vegetable. Our love for chocolate has caused us to explore various kinds of chocolates that give more use case scenarios. One of the most loved variants of chocolate is white chocolate. What most people don’t know is that white chocolate is not related to the cacao bean in any way possible! Just because it’s shaped like a chocolate bar – and since chocolate sells so well – corporations decided to call this combination of cream and other products white chocolate. But nevertheless, humans still love chocolate. Sometimes, people also feed chocolates to their pets, which seemingly enjoy eating it – but do they really?

Studies suggest cocoa products and chocolates can be dangerous for pet animals. This is because chocolate contains a harmful component which is called theobromine. While our metabolism can easily digest this component, animals have a hard time metabolizing it. This builds up toxicity in their stomach, which can cause them a great deal of pain. So even though your pet loves devouring chocolate – try to keep them away from your favorite snack. And ironically, even though your parents might have told you that a dentist will put out a tooth if you eat too much chocolate, that’s actually not true! One of the most interesting facts about chocolate is that it can be good for your teeth! Cocoa beans consist of antibacterial agents that can help you fight against the dangerous bacteria that cause cavities in your mouth. So the next time you’re overdosing on chocolate – don’t feel guilty!

The Benefits of Cacao as a Snack

When it comes to healthy snacks, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Many of us turn to our favorite fruits and vegetables that are easy to find at the grocery store, whether it’s carrot sticks for an afternoon snack, an apple after breakfast or a handful of grapes when you need a snack after dinnertime but before bed. These standbys are great for taking the edge of off hunger and feeling good about your diets, but having the same thing day in and day out can get old and boring. The more we have the same thing, the more likely we are to have a bad day and binge on all of the fatty, highly processed foods that we are trying to avoid. By treating yourself to something really delicious as a part of your healthy diet, you are going to set yourself up for long-term success. Cacao is an incredible, healthy treat that you can indulge in to expand your snacking repertoire!

What makes it so excellent? When you can snack on chocolate that is mostly cacao, in moderation, you are taking in all kinds of healthy nutrients even as you enjoy indulging your sweet tooth. This tasty treat is the part of chocolate that you have always heard about being good for your heart because it is high in flavanols; it’s thought that flavanols can improve the nitric oxide levels in your blood. That’s good because nitric oxide has a hand in helping your blood vessels to function, reducing your blood pressure. By helping out your blood pressure, you are improving your chances of lowering the risk of heart failure, heart attacks, strokes and more. Not only is this tasty snack good for your blood, it may also be good for your brain and your mood.

Whether or not you choose to eat an occasional dark chocolate bar, nibble on nibs or drink an occasional mug of hot chocolate, this delicious deviation from your normal healthy snacks is only going to help your overall health and commitment to your diet. The trick is to find out your favorite ways to eat it and make sure to mix it in with your other snacks on a regular rotation. It should be a tasty diversion and not a fallback, since eating anything too often is going to get boring and can become unhealthy. Enjoy treating yourself!

Get the Best Experience with Quality Chocolates

When you think of chocolate, a few things probably come to mind. The first thing that occurs to you, if you’re like most people, is the richness of the flavor. We can all imagine a piece of chocolate slowly melting on our tongues, filling our mouths with the sweet taste of deliciousness, whether the last chocolate you had was a handcrafted chocolate from a boutique or a bar of chocolate from the grocery store. Chocolate may also make you think of something in particular. You might associate chocolate with your favorite movie theater and going to see new movies with friends. Or maybe you think of romance when you think of chocolate, including sweet gifts and spending time sipping wine together. Or maybe your mind goes to holidays like Halloween and Easter when chocolate is everywhere. Whatever comes to your mind, we can all agree that quality chocolates are the best for savoring any time.

One of the best ways to enjoy quality chocolate is to get it as a gift. When you give the gift of good-tasting chocolate, you can rest easy knowing that you are giving a gift that anyone can appreciate. This kind of gift is appropriate for nearly any holiday, from Valentine’s to Easter to anniversaries and beyond. When you want to tell someone how much you care, taking the time and spending the money to get them high-class chocolates is going to send the message you want to send. When you are picking out the perfect chocolate, you can’t go wrong with a sample set. But if you know what they really love, whether it’s truffles, chocolate with peanut butter, chocolate with marshmallows or any other tasty combination, you can get them a set of their favorite chocolates that they can savor.

When you’re looking for the best chocolate, finding handmade, artisanal batches is going to ensure the finest quality. Chocolatiers that craft their chocolates from the finest ingredients are going to give you the taste experience you are looking for. Your own town may have a chocolatier that offers the selection you are after, but if you can’t find a local shop that sells handmade treats then you should consider going online. Having a package of handcrafted chocolates deposited on your doorstep from a renown chocolatier is going to be your new favorite association with the world chocolate. Whether you are giving them away as a gift, enjoying them with your loved one or indulging by yourself with a glass of wine, you won’t regret buying quality.

Appreciating The Ancient Art Of Chocolate Making

The long days of summer are far behind us and fall is soon to be there too. The cold and chill are here to stay it seems like. With the cold temperatures come all the wonderful holidays we love so much and the gift giving time of year. With gifts and the holiday season, chocolate comes to mind. It is thankfully everywhere during the holidays for desert, for trick or treating and for our stockings. Chocolate is as big a part of the holidays as any of the mascots like Santa or a turkey and is usually just as welcome. Try to imagine Halloween, Thanksgiving Christmas and any of the other holidays for that matter, without chocolate. Welcome to the blog and thank you for stopping by. We will be talking about some of the great gifts that you can give that are based on chocolate and talk a little bit about the ancient art of chocolate making.

Did you know that chocolate has been enjoyed in many forms for thousands of years? It is still used as a medicine in some places and the naturally bitter substance first made its way back to Europe from conquering explorers in the 1500s. The first chocolate bar as we know it was first made in 1848? Its amazing the relationship we have with chocolate now as it is so ingrained in our lives that it is hard to imagine food or holidays without it. From drinks to deserts, it is mixed with nearly anything that you can think of. Though we don’t view it is medicinal, many people around the world still use it in medicines as well as for eating and drinking. It comes in bar form, it comes in powdered form to drink in milk or to mix with hot water to make hot cocoa. What is your favorite form of chocolate? Do you like it in your coffee or do you like it mixed with caramel or nuts? Many people like it one way or another and enjoy it in its candy bar form and with assorted forms that come in chocolate boxes that make an amazing gift. Many people get exposed to chocolate via those mixed mystery candies that everyone seems to have during the holiday season.

Tell us your first or favorite experience with chocolate and we could share it on the blog. Or, you can send in a picture to us that shows your favorite desert and how happy you are with it. We love to hear from our fellow chocolate lovers here and would love to hear from you too.