Can Chocolate Recipes be Healthy Delicacies?

More often than not, healthy eating resolutions make you feel as if you’re giving up on everything you love. Now while Beer and Pizza Thursdays and Donut Sundays might be on hold, there are some healthy delicacies you can still indulge in to make you feel whole again. What if you could stay on your healthy diet and still enjoy chocolate? That’s right! You can whip up healthy chocolate cuisines and enjoy them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Still don’t believe us? Well, we’re about to dish out a couple of recipes to prove that you can enjoy chocolate and still keep to your resolutions without inducing any guilt.

Just because you’re eating healthier doesn’t mean you should skip dessert. How about you try making chocolate peanut butter fudge bars with healthy ingredients like dried fruits and pepitas? If you prefer buying granola bars, you can try making your own with some dark chocolate and pistachios. You could even add a couple of tablespoons of this granola recipe to some Greek yogurt to convert your homemade granola bars into a healthy and satisfying dessert or breakfast. Also, the granola you buy from stores is full of sugar, whereas these healthy delicacies will be naturally sweetened with a pinch of honey or some mashed bananas. If that doesn’t tickle your taste buds, would you prefer an oatmeal and chocolate chip pancake? These pancakes can be gluten-free and dairy-free, but they will still taste so great that you wouldn’t notice the missing flour, eggs, or butter. You could even twist the previous recipe a little to make yourself oatmeal and chocolate chip cookie campfire bananas. Chocolates and bananas are a great combination, and these chocolaty banana boats can also accompany you to your next camping trip!

If you’ve had a tough day and you just want to whip up something simple, go ahead and reward yourself with Keto Chocolate ice cream. A big bowl of this dessert will still be low on carbs, and making it with coconut milk will just make it taste so much more decadent. Since you’re a fellow fitness freak, how can we forget about shakes? Try mixing up chocolate, banana, and chia seed shake. This healthy delicacy wouldn’t even need sugar to tingle your taste buds because some mashed bananas and a hint of honey will induce a beautiful and natural sweetness. Do you still believe that healthy eating and chocolate don’t go together?