Colorado Springs Hot Chocolate

Many people confuse hot chocolate with hot cocoa. These are two different drinks. Hot chocolate is made from chocolate pellets or dark chocolate bits melted and then gently blended with cream or milk. It is a rich drink that satisfies all your sweet tooth cravings. If someone wants something slightly less rich, they can mix melted chocolate with water. Hot cocoa is typically made with cocoa powder mixed with milk. It’s far less rich and denser than hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate originated in Europe, where people would sip dark hot chocolate in the winters. It became popular in the US a lot later. These days a lot more chocolatiers are making gourmet hot chocolate. In winters, people have been replacing coffee and tea with gourmet hot chocolate. Colorado springs hot chocolate is one of the best hot chocolate out there. It is a lot different than simply taking a Hershey’s chocolate, melting it in a pot, and mixing it with milk, cream, or water. The chocolate used is top-notch. It is made specifically for this drink. When this chocolate is used, it gives the richest hot chocolate, which bursts with flavor. A little bit of sea salt is added to this drink to make the goodness of chocolate more pronounced.

The drink is usually made with dark chocolate because there are many benefits of dark chocolate. It has anti-oxidant properties and is good for the heart and the body. Many people are afraid of consuming dark chocolate because they think it will make them gain weight, but the sugar content in dark chocolate is very low. The dark chocolate is made with pure cacao nibs that are considered a superfood. Hence, hot chocolate is considered a delicious and healthy drink if you consume it once in a blue moon. Of course, consuming it every day is not beneficial, but then again, nothing in excess ever is.