The Science of Chocolate at Cacao Chemistry Colorado Springs

While the winds of winter whip outside, it reminds us of all of the delicious confections we can enjoy during the holiday season. Chocolate is one of the most famous substances in the world and also easily one of the most popular. It comes in so many different varieties and flavors that it is hard to name them all. Welcome to the blog and thank you for reading. In this edition of the blog we will talk about many of the different chocolate creations that are available from Cacao Chemistry Colorado Springs. We hope that you find something delicious and useful for your needs and that you will decide to come inside and shop. If you are so overwhelmed with chocolate cravings after reading, you can follow the above link to be taken to a page where you can find all of the delicious things you are daydreaming about.

Chocolate is a delicious treat that is enjoyed worldwide but American chocolatiers have really taken the science of cacao to new heights with their research. A company called Cacao chemistry in Colorado springs, CO. has been pushing the boundaries of fine chocolate making. Their long time development of their skills truly helps with their creations of things like chocolate truffles and assorted chocolates that let you enjoy many different techniques and flavors. Salted caramel is another lovely creation that they do very well. They are also masters of making cookies and chocolate bark. So many creations are out there and available for you to enjoy today. Why not try a little bit of everything or try something that you haven’t had before like a chocolate truffle or some of that delicious chocolate bark? There is no reason not to try a sampler, that way you can get a little of what you know you like and a little of something new?

Thank you for stopping by the chocolate blog and for sharing the love of cacao and fine chocolate. We strive to make you happy so your feedback is appreciated. If you decide on any of the chocolates that we point out, then send us a picture of you enjoying it and we could use it in a future blog. We love to hear from our friends and clients and stop back by soon.

Appreciating The Ancient Art Of Chocolate Making

The long days of summer are far behind us and fall is soon to be there too. The cold and chill are here to stay it seems like. With the cold temperatures come all the wonderful holidays we love so much and the gift giving time of year. With gifts and the holiday season, chocolate comes to mind. It is thankfully everywhere during the holidays for desert, for trick or treating and for our stockings. Chocolate is as big a part of the holidays as any of the mascots like Santa or a turkey and is usually just as welcome. Try to imagine Halloween, Thanksgiving Christmas and any of the other holidays for that matter, without chocolate. Welcome to the blog and thank you for stopping by. We will be talking about some of the great gifts that you can give that are based on chocolate and talk a little bit about the ancient art of chocolate making.

Did you know that chocolate has been enjoyed in many forms for thousands of years? It is still used as a medicine in some places and the naturally bitter substance first made its way back to Europe from conquering explorers in the 1500s. The first chocolate bar as we know it was first made in 1848? Its amazing the relationship we have with chocolate now as it is so ingrained in our lives that it is hard to imagine food or holidays without it. From drinks to deserts, it is mixed with nearly anything that you can think of. Though we don’t view it is medicinal, many people around the world still use it in medicines as well as for eating and drinking. It comes in bar form, it comes in powdered form to drink in milk or to mix with hot water to make hot cocoa. What is your favorite form of chocolate? Do you like it in your coffee or do you like it mixed with caramel or nuts? Many people like it one way or another and enjoy it in its candy bar form and with assorted forms that come in chocolate boxes that make an amazing gift. Many people get exposed to chocolate via those mixed mystery candies that everyone seems to have during the holiday season.

Tell us your first or favorite experience with chocolate and we could share it on the blog. Or, you can send in a picture to us that shows your favorite desert and how happy you are with it. We love to hear from our fellow chocolate lovers here and would love to hear from you too.

World Famous Chocolatiers

Chocolate is a sweet brown food prepared from roasted and grounded cacao seeds. It is made in the form of liquid, paste or blocks. It is one of the most famous and popular types of flavors in the world. Chocolates come in different types: Cadbury, Milka, Galaxy, Reassess peanut butter and Snitches. The taste smell and the texture cheer one up as well as stimulating a good feeling.

The world’s famous chocolatiers include Tauscher (Zurich, Switzerland), Vosges Hault-chocolate (Chicago, USA), Norman Love confections (Florida, USA) Valrhona (France), Goldie (Belgium) and many others.

There are some health benefits of eating chocolate every day despite its reputation of causing weight gain. Chocolate protects your skin from the sun by improving blood flow and increasing skin density and hydration. Besides, this product also helps in improving blood pressure. It can also enhance brain functioning as it promotes blood flow to the brain and may even improve fluency and several risk factors for disease as well. Additionally, it may help in reducing heart diseases, as it appears to be protective against the oxidation. Eating chocolate provides an authoritative source of antioxidants, which includes flavanols, polyphenols, and catechins, which are biologically active. Regular chocolate consumption helps in lowering cholesterol and improving blood pressure.

What You Need to Know About Sweet Small Batch Chocolates

If you are a chocolate enthusiast, then I bet you understand what I am referring to. After all, which chocolate enthusiast hasn’t tasted the high nutrient small batch chocolates? Would you be happy to be excluded from the sweetness of a small batch? Surely not. Believe me you; this chocolate is one of the easiest to make. Let us see.

To start with, ensure you have well-fermented cacao, or even poorly fermented cacao, whatever you may have. To get this, visit a Chocolate maker and have some for yourself. A Kilo may cost you just $20 but remember, with this, you can get up to 12, 50 grams of chocolate bars if you have a grinder, the best. Anyway, start with cleaning the cacao beans as you remove the bad ones. Winnow the seeds and then roast them. Understand that it also depends on which bar you want to make, say 70%. Roasting you can do in a regular oven. Thirty-five minutes under 140C is enough. After this, crack the beans then winnow; grind after that, adding sugar. Time for grinding depends on you.

Anyway, we have our chocolate ready now. You can practice that again. However, if you do not have the time, drop by our shop and have your best batch. See you at the counter!

All You Need to Know About Decadent Handmade Chocolate

If you are wondering what chocolate to gift your best friend, lover or just a family member, be sure that the decadent handmade chocolates fit the bill. To start with, this chocolate is free of any dairy products, so you need not worry about your health. This product outstands other types of chocolates you would have eaten in your entire life. So be sure you are not wasting your time reading this; you are at the right place. Chill and take your pinch. Whichever the reason you may have to buy chocolate, these decadent handmade chocolates already have it. Why say so?

One of the most significant reasons why you should have a taste of these chocolates is that they contain catechins and anti-oxidants, which help, reduce the risk of developing related heart conditions as well as cancer. If you had worries about your health, you are now covered. Another critical thing you have to know about these chocolates is that they are dairy-free chocolates. This makes them recommended even by health professionals since they are almost 100% natural. What the good news!

One more thing; cacao bean used to make these chocolates is very nutritious and contains almost every essential nutrient your body requires. How do you feel about that? Why can’t you grab yourself one and have a taste of what we are talking about!